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Real Telecommunication Corp.

Real Telecommunication Corporations (Real Telecom) is a private company formed in 2005. It was created to develop telecommunication products and services that enable people to communicate from everywhere to everywhere.

Real Telecom founder is an industry veteran with over 35 years experience in telecommunication. He held various high positions in various companies such as AT&T and others. He developed products, solutions, and profitable organization in various countries in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, and Far East. His vision is to enable people to communicate from everywhere to everywhere.

Doing business with Real Telecom is simple. You will find a caring business relationship available for you to help you succeed. Our objective is to help our customer succeed and focus on the business they are in. We make available to you our experience on how to structure, market, find providers, and deliver your products and services based on our solutions. We can provide you with end to end products and services while partner with you on your success.

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