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Real Business Services Platform

Real Information Movement & Management Platform


Real PBX

RealPBX is a comprehensive business voice communication system with features that only found in the most advanced and expensive PBX systems. Some of the unique features is the way RealPBX delivers clear quality calls,

Real Conference

Real Conference is a unique audio conferencing service designed for corporate applications. Conferences can be Ad hock or Scheduled. Each organization may have its dedicated conference rooms that may be used in either mode. 

Real Mobile

Real Mobile service integrates the cell phone with the PBX and enable the user to respond to Voice Mail, answer calls, control the extension features, and make calls through the extension. 

Real SIP Trunk

Real Telecom designed Real SIP Trunk service to enable any SIP PBX to use Real Telecom voice services. Customers of PBX that is other than Real PBX can connect to and use Real Telecom high quality voice communication. 



RealFAX is an advanced email-to-fax and fax-to-email service designed for corporate use. In addition to its resilient security, it incorporates processes that can be configured to meet any corporate structure.
Customers may have groups for fax sending and receiving and may have multiple fax numbers for each and all groups.   

Real Internet

Full high-quality Internet service. The Real Internet service include high quality equipment and minimum interruption. The chances of service interruption are substantially reduced due to the built-in redundancy in our service.

Network Security

Our managed network services can include the most advanced security architecture that defend business against network intrusion, malaise, and unauthorized access.
The Network security services include designing, implementing, managing and supporting business networks.  

Network Management

End-to-End network management including equipment and the network services.

IN addition to managing the services we provide, we can also manage the local area network and its equipment.

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