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Real Business Solutions

Real Answering Service (RAS)

Real Telecom is proud to be a high-quality provider of answering service and call center platform. The Real Answering Service (RAS) is unique as it uses the Real Network Platform technology to facilitate the highest quality, unlimited capabilities, and highly reliable cost-effective service. RAS features and options exceed answering services’ expectations.

Real Legal Service (RLS)

Real Telecom added features to the RBS platform that supports the unique requirement for call accounting by legal firms.

RLS provides for Case Management by enabling assigning a Case Management Code (CMC) to each call. CMC assignment can be configured to be automatic based on assigned phone number or Caller ID.

Real Medical Service (RMS)

RMS integrates easily with medical software used by medical centers. RMS is comprehensive and adaptable to the changing requirements of medical services.

Real Custmer Service (RCS)

RCS is software that displays the caller information on the Agent’s computer screen. The Agent will then recognize the related company and answers or make a call appropriately. 

Real Hospitality Services

RHS is rich in features needed by hotels and residential services such as old age homes.
The service enable management to enable or disable extensions, provide special prompts and extensions for special services, and provide the necessary accounting for each extension. One of the unique features, each extension may have its own direct phone number in addition to the internal number. 

Consulting and Custom Applications

Real Telecom developed unique resources in its team. These assets have been applied in developing custom applications for customers. 

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